Annewetey Auto Parts Ltd was established as a small family business in July 1970. Early on in its history the decision was taken to handle only the best in quality, reliability and performance no matter the product or service offered.

Annewetey has evolved to become a leader in the tire and battery retail industry in Ghana with a reputation for world class quality products and exceptional customer service. The company has an extensive range of batteries for all applications and needs: automotive, UPS, inverter and solar power applications. We also have the full range of tires for saloon cars, high performance sport cars, pickups and 4×4 SUVs.

Annewetey is the sole distributor in Ghana of world class products such as Moll Batteries, Midac Batteries and KENT Batteries, BFGoodrich and Kleber Tyres. BFGoodrich and Kleber tyres are part of the Michelin Group of tyres from US, Germany and France.